Sunday, June 29, 2014

Meeting #27: First Aid badge

You and Others: Learn About Safety (YaO4)
First Aid badge
Fit for Life challenge (FfL)

Guest speaker night! We invited the EMS to come present at our meeting. We gave him the First Aid badge requirements and he did a great job going over them with the girls. He complained a little that the badge is out of date, and I told him to just cover what is relevant. (FA#1-10, YaO4#1)

After his presentation, he took the girls out in groups to see the inside of the ambulance, which was exciting.

Once he was done, one of our leaders did a short presentation on Disease and Injury Prevention, and then we put together Be Prepared kits with the girls who haven't done that yet. (YaO4#2, FfL:G).

Fairly easy night and a lot of programming covered!

Meeting #26: Performing Arts badge

Performing Arts badge (PA)
One of our Rangers wanted to present a meeting for the Guides on the Performing Arts badge so this is what she did.

6:30 - 7:00  Patrol Time: Character Study--The girls were given a sheet with a number of characteristics that they had to define for their character. (Character Study)

7:00 - 7:15  Horseshoe

7:15-7:30 They continued to work on their character study sheets (PA#8)

7:30 - 7:50 Skit planning--once their character studies were complete, they created skits to showcase their characters (PA#1)

7:50 - 8:20 Skit presentation -- They came up with some pretty interesting skits!

8:20 - 8:30 Clean-up and closing

 If we combine this with other activities we've done this year (puppets (PA#7), mime game (PA#4), and song performance (PA#6)), they've done enough to earn the badge.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Third Year Homework

Discovering You: Understand How to Be Responsible (DY4)
You and Others: Learn How to Plan (YaO3)
Beyond You: Discover Your Community (BY1)

We have six girls working on their Lady-Baden Powell award this year, which means they all need to finish their program squares. One girl started in Grade 5, so only had 2 years to complete the program work. (Luckily, she attended Kwa-hee, the provincial Guide camp over the summer, and they covered a lot of things that she didn't have). Another girl transferred into our unit in January and missed some programming that way, and then some missed an item or two along the way.

I put together packages for them to complete on their own. The first page of each booklet had the list of activities they needed to complete.

You and Others: Learn How to Plan #2: Create a poster to advertise cookie selling! (YaO3#2)

You and Others: Learn How to Plan #3: Plan what you want to achieve in life. We had done this activity before and it's just taken directly from the book. (YaO3#3 )

You and Others: Learn How to Plan #4: Money Management. I found this activity in the Science Activity books from the Government of Canada. This is from the first booklet. (YaO3#4)

Discovering You: Learn How to Be Responsible #1: Be a responsible citizen. I found this activity on the Technology Student website. (DY4#1)

Discovering You: Learn How to Be Responsible #5: We had done this activity before, where the girls had to take care of a sock puppet they had made. We changed it so that they could look after a stuffed animal for a week and fill in the chart. (DY4#5)

Beyond You: Discover Your Community #5: Create a time capsule. It was obviously too late to start a time capsule, so we came up with an activity to imagine you are creating a time capsule. (BY1#5)