Friday, March 13, 2015

Meeting #17: Glove Creatures

Discovering You: Discover Your Creativity (DY2)
Discovering You: Understand  How to Be Responsible (DY4)

Patrol Time: We asked them to look through the Cookies Rising activities and come up with some games or activities. Some patrols were confused by the instructions, so it may need more words to explain it better. (Patrol Time, Word doc)

Horseshoe: We discussed their ideas. One group suggested having cookie selling rules taped  on balls and they have to find the balls and put them in the right bucket. I think this can be adapted to a relay race for the girls.

Glove Creatures: We found some fun ways to create creatures for the girls to sew, but not too much sewing!

Gloves (1 or 2 per girl, depending on the creature)

For the cat wearing a sweater, you cut off the middle finger (save it to make a tail) and then sew up the hole it leaves. The thumb is one arm and the little finger is the other. For  a little extra sewing but a more accurate anatomy, cut between the ring finger and the pinkie finger until it  is even with where the thumb begins and then sew that together to make a longer arm. You may need to trim the pinkie finger so it's the same length as the thumb and then sew the end up as well.

Sew buttons on for eyes, then stuff the glove with stuffing. Sew up the top of the glove and you have a cat/creature! To add the sweater, you can make the pinkie into the arm in the same way. Cut off the tips of the thumb and pinkie, and them completely cut the other three fingers off.

Stuff the piece of middle finger you cut off the original glove and sew it onto the back of the sweater to create a tail. Put the sweater on the cat and that's it!

We also showed them pictures of other glove monsters so they could pick and design whatever type they wanted to do. (DY2#2)

At the end of the meeting, we handed out a worksheet that they had to fill in for the week, to show how they looked after their creature. (Responsibility Chart, Word doc) (DY4#5)

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Meeting # 18: Cookies Rising

Cookies Rising (CR)
You and Others: Learn About Leadership in a Group (YaO1)
You and Others: Learn How to Plan (YaO3)

Patrol Time: Goal Setting (Financial)--I gave them the information on how many cases of cookies we had to sell and how much money our unit would earn. Then I gave them a list of activities we can do from now to the end of the year and had them choose what they wanted to do with the money. (Budgeting, Word Doc)

Horseshoe--We talked about what they had planned. 

Business (Etiquette)--Dos and Don'ts relay game--I modified a game the girls suggested last week. I wrote a number of things you should and shouldn't do while cookie selling onto clothespins. Then we gave them pieces of cardboard that had DO and DON'T written on them. The clothespin were put in a pile and they had to run up and pick a clothespin and put it in the right spot on their board. There were 3 of each item (one for each patrol), and they couldn't use the same one twice. Once they had finished, we went over each item and talked about why it was a Do or a Don't.

Social (Teamwork)--I searched for some new Team Building activities and found a booklet from 4-H Club. (Team Building Activities, PDF). We chose Team Body Spelling (YaO1#2): 
1. Divide into two teams. Decide on 1 or 2 judges. 
2. Three people at a time form the first letter with their bodies on the floor. We had the girls choose a word and they suggested G-U-I-D-E-S
3. Once accepted by judge(s), the 3 must run back to team, and next 3 leave to form 
the next letter. 
4. The winner is the team that finishes the word(s) first and sits down. 

GGC (Public Relations)
Make Cookie signs--We had the girls work in groups of two to make posters that we can use while cookie selling. (YaO3#2)