Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Meeting #4: Be Prepared and Sock Puppets

You in Guiding: Understanding the Promise and Law (YiG1)

Discovering You: Discover Your Creativity (DY2)
Discovering You: Understand How to Be Responsible (DY4)

Our Guiders just went to a Guider conference and learned some new things to incorporate into our meetings. It works out well, as this was our first week with the Patrols. We're also planning to expand our meetings from 90 minutes to 2 hours, and we got permission from our meeting place that we can do this!

Patrol Time (20 min): This was new for us. When the girls arrived, they found papers on the table, telling them what to do. Patrol Time instructions (Word doc). The Patrol Leaders take attendance, the girls can present their badges to their patrols (with a Guider overseeing this) and then they spend time either working on Program work, planning upcoming meetings, or planning for campfire, depending on what we task them with.

This week, they were required to make a Be Prepared plan for a trip to the moon--Trip to the Moon (Word doc) (YiG1#3)

Horseshoe (20 min): Then we do Horseshoe after they've completed Patrol Time. This gives us as Guiders a chance to get organized while they are still accomplishing work. At Horseshoe, the Patrol Leaders told us who was absent from their groups and what badges had been presented and by whom. Then we discussed what we were doing that night and then the girls went back to their tables and we discussed their answers to the trip to the moon. (YiG1#3)

Sock Puppets (40 min): We bought fuzzy socks from the dollar store, and then had a ton of things for accessories--feathers, fun foam, buttons, needles, thread, glue guns, yarn, pom poms, felt--and the girls went town making their sock puppets. (DY2#2)

We also gave them take home work to do. They are to be responsible for their sock puppets and look after them for the week. They need to bring the sock puppet and their responsibility chart back with them next week, to show how they looked after them. Responsibility Chart (Word doc) (DY4#5)

Clean-up (5 min): After crafts, the girls cleaned up the floor and tables where they were working--they always end up with little pieces of fluff everywhere!

Closing (5 min): We gave them the choice of the Squeeze and Slow Taps, or Jamaican Taps. I never let them do the Squeeze with Jamaican taps, or we'd never do Slow Taps!

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