Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Meeting #11: Tool Time

Beyond You: Try New Things (BY3)
6:30-7:00--Patrol Time: We had the girls plan their Christmas party for next week. We only had enough girls for 3 groups, so they planned food, craft, and games.


7:10-8:15--Tool Time (BY3#2)
I got this idea from the 1st Castlegar Guides page. It's an older site, based on the old program, but it has some really good ideas that are still useful with the new program.

Equipment required: Hammers, Nails, Sandpaper, Levels, Measuring tapes, Screwdrivers, Drills, Screws. We got scrap wood pieces by going to Home Depot and asking if they had any we could have. They gave them to us for free.

We set up 4 stations.
Station 1: Sanding. Each girl picked a piece of wood and some sandpaper. We talked about how there are different grades of sandpaper and you start with the rougher paper and then move to finer paper as it gets smoother.

Station 2: Hammering. The girls practiced hammering nails into pieces of wood.

Station 3: Levels and Measuring. We taught them how a level works and then had them measure and level various things around the room. (Measurement worksheet, Word doc)

Station 4: Drills. The girls used cordless drills to predrill 2 holes into a piece of wood. In the first hole, they screwed in a screw with a screwdriver. In the second hole, they used the drill to put the screw in. Then we asked them which was easier. Because the drills were new to them, they thought using the screwdriver was easier. Then we asked if they had to screw in 100 screws, which would be easier and they agreed that the drill would be faster and thus easier.

8:15-8:30: Cleanup and closing.

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  1. Gosh, I love it when we are doing the same program. :-)