Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Meeting #14: Gym Games

Discovering You: Discover What's Important to You (DY1)

Fit for Life Challenge (FfL)

We're working on the Newfoundland Girl Guides Fit for Life Challenge this year. There are 10 activities that need to be completed, and we've been doing them here and there. Tonight, we were in the gym because the Sparks needed our regular room, so we decided to have some fun!

6:30-8:00--I looked through some websites ( and to find some new games to try. Sometimes we have the girls pick and choose which games, but tonight we just taught them games, with the hope that they will enjoy some new ideas and will ask for them again. I picked more than we'd need. (Gym Games, Word doc)

We played:
Head Catch
Ball Lose-All (Ffl: D#5)
Five Pennies (we used quarters)
Rattlesnake (we own a large stuffed snake that we used for this)

8:00-8:20--We returned to our room after the Sparks left and the girls listed and drew things that make them happy. (DY1#6, FfL: F#1)

While they were doing that, we collected their papers and money for our upcoming camp.


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