Sunday, November 9, 2014

Meeting #5: You and Others: Learn How to Plan

You and Others: Build Skills in Communication (YaO2)
You and Others: Learn How to Plan (YaO3)
Even Planning badge (EP)

6:30-7:00--Patrol Time. They had a worksheet to work on, planning things they want to achieve in life. (YaO3#3) (Worksheet, Word doc)

7:00-7:20--Horseshoe. We discussed their worksheets and each girl shared one of things she'd planned for her life and how she would achieve it. Then we talked about planning the Halloween party. At an earlier meeting, we'd asked if they wanted it to be a Bring-A-Friend night and they did. (EP#1)

7:20-7:50--Invitations. We planned what needed to be on each invitation, and then they decorated them. (EP#2)

7:50-8:00--We played a memory game from the Leaders' Ladder. We read a poem, and they had to listen for everything that was wrong in the poem. (Leaders' Ladder, p54) (YaO2#1)

8:00-8:20--Party Planning. First we brainstormed ideas for the activities. Then we had them think about how long each activity would take and what were similar ideas. They settled on games (Wax Museum), relay races (candy corn bowls), Halloween skits (dos and don'ts for trick or treating), dance party, and food.

Then we had to brainstorm the food. They came up with a list of food, both healthy and non-healthy, and then decided on who would bring what. (YaO3#1, EP#3).


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