Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Design Space: McMaster's Engineering Meeting (virtual)


Experiment and Create: Design Space

We signed up for the McMaster University Virtual Girl Guide Workshop: Sustainable Energy. When I signed up in September, I thought it would be a back pocket meeting for if we had a storm -- not realizing we'd be virtual again for another couple of months!

The video is basically the whole meeting. I asked the Guides' families to set up a Scratch account before the meeting so we weren't dealing with that during the meeting. We watched the whole video through first, then went back to the coding section and watched it again with the Guides building their programs. 

The older Guides did better with it -- the Grade 6s are using Scratch at school. We had about 18 Guides when we started. 2-3 of the Guides were frustrated and didn't get it all. 3-4 of them would ask us to pause the video to catch up, which I would do for 10-15 seconds. And 10-12 of them got through it and got it to work. 

After the meeting, I sent home the video and my completed program so the Guides who didn't get it and understand it could either go through the video by themselves or just play the game without finishing the program. 

I had added our Land Acknowledgement for Halifax and a link to the SDGs, but we didn't have time to discuss either after the video so I'll plan to bring them forward to another meeting. 

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