Sunday, September 25, 2011

You in Guiding Games

You in Guiding: Understand the Promise and Law (YiG1)
You in Guiding: Learn About Guiding (YiG2)
You in Guiding: Learn About WaGGGS (YiG3)

I received two games that another Guider created (Michelle Blanchard, 70th Guides) to help the girls learn about Guiding and I'm passing it along!

Amazing Race Game
Create envelopes filled with challenges for the girls to complete one by one. Just like on the show, when they finish one challenge, they get their next envelope. (Amazing Race Word doc)

Envelope 1: Girls must match the black and white uniforms with the branch names and colors associated with the uniforms (YiG2#3)

Envelope 2: Girls put together the world flag puzzle (YiG3#4)

Envelope 3: Girls must put together the two word pieces to complete the promise. As an extra challenge, change the word 'beliefs' to 'faith' to see if the girls notice. (YiG1#1)

Envelope 4: Using string licorice, the girls must each properly tie the reef knot (YiG1#5)

To make things more interesting, you can hide the first envelopes around the room for the teams to find to start their challenge! Prizes can be given to the girls when they complete it, e.g. mugs to the first team to win and bookmarks (promise ones) and girl guide pencils to the rest for completing their challenges.

Be Prepared Stations (YiG1#3)
Be Prepared Stations are quite simple, but you can make them as hard as you'd like!!  Start by talking about why it's important to be prepared for various situations in our lives, both as kids and adults.  Around the room, set up "stations" with various situations where girls would have to be prepared. An example of a way to set up the station is to write down the situation and hung up the paper at different spots around the room.

Situation examples:
Seasons (winter, summer, fall, spring)
Being a good citizen

The girls take their booklets (Be Prepared Stations Word doc) and go around to each station and write down a minimum of items for each situation. Give them a time limit at each station and see how many they can think of in their time limit. When they're done,discuss their answers in a group and how they were similar or different.  If you think your girls woudln't be able to come up with items on their own, you can always make a list of items the girls would have to choose from for each station (ex: for season you can write down different types of clothing and get the girls to pick the ones they think would be right for that particular season) This would also work if you have a multi-age group to make it accessible for Sparks all the way to Rangers!

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