Friday, August 26, 2011

You in Guiding Program

World Guiding badge
You in Guiding: Learn About Guiding (YiG2)
You in Guiding: Learn About WAGGGS (YiG3)
You in Guiding: Be Involved in Your Community (YiG4)
We took two meetings to work on the World Guiding badge (WG), which also tied into You in Guiding (YiG2=Learn About Guiding, YiG3=Learn About WAGGGS, YiG4=Be Involved in Your Community) and the NS 100 Challenge.

Meeting #1
Vote on fun activity: After these two meetings, we'd have spent four meetings in our meeting room, working on programming. We gave the girls a chance to pick a fun activity (swimming, bowling, pottery) as a reward for working so hard for four weeks straight.

Third-years perform LBP skit with props (10 min): Our third years had been working on their Lady Baden Powell Award, so they presented a skit they'd worked on to learn about Lady Baden Powell and teach the other girls too. (YiG2#1, WG#1)
Slide show on World Centers (Power Point doc) (15 min): This presentation was passed on to me from another Guider, but I'm not sure who created it in the first place. There is a lot of writing on the slides--I just give a general overview of what each says. (YiG3#2, WG#6)

Discuss CWFF and tell girls to bring at least 100 pennies next week (5 min). (YiG3#3, NS100)

World Center Countries Promise and Law sheet (15 min): We had a sheet that had the promises and laws from the World Center Countries (but I'm not sure where we got it from). We read them out loud and then noted how they were different from our promise and law. This activity could be improved upon--made into more of a game somehow. (YiG3#5, WG#2)

World Centers snack (10 min): Snacks again! We had Swiss cheese and chocolate (Our Chalet), hummus and pita (Sangam), salsa and tortilla chips (Our Cabana), shortbread cookies (PAX Lodge).  (WG#4)

Meeting #2
World Flag puzzle (15 min): I made puzzles for the patrols a few years ago and we reuse them every year. We discuss what each of the parts mean, and then they have to assemble the puzzles. This year, after explaining what each piece meant, they had to assemble them in the order that as I called out the meanings.  (YiG3#4)

Facts about Japan (10 min): We held this meeting after the tsunami in Japan. We talked about the information that was on the Japan page from the 100 in 100 Challenge (which we had done the previous year. Unfortunately, this page no longer exists. It had lots of great info!). We used the pennies we were collecting and rolling to send to CWFF for Japan. (WG#5)

Collect pennies and roll them (10 min): We had pennies that had been collected all year and a lot of penny rollers. The girls do this quite quickly--it's much easier than having a leader roll all the change we collect! (YiG4#5)

World Center fortune tellers/cootie catchers/origami:  (15 min) The girls always love a chance to do some crafting/coloring/folding (WG#7)

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