Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Meeting #9: First Aid badge

First Aid

You and Others: Learn About Safety
Another easy night--we had a guest speaker from St John's Ambulance come to help the girls earn their First Aid badges.

6:30-6:45: Patrol Time--We asked the girls to list the Christmas songs that they know and like to sing, for when we visit a Senior's Center in two weeks.

6:45-6:55: Horseshoe

6:55-8:15: St John's Ambulance led the girls in learning about first aid and helped them put together personal first aid kits that they can take with them on our hikes. We purchased most of the supplies: Lock and Lock containers, bandaids, tape, gauze, alcohol wipes, safety pins, pencil, notepaper. Our presenter supplied them with gloves and a triangular bandage. (FA#1-10, YaO4#1, YaO4#2).

8:15-8:30: Updated Program books and closing

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