Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Meeting #11: Senior Center Visit

Support Community service badge
You in Guiding: Understanding the Promise and Law (YiG1)
You in Guiding: Be Involved in Your Community (YiG4)

This was our last meeting before Christmas. We met at a local Senior Center. The girls wanted to sing Christmas carols, and we prepared some to sing that everyone knew. The previous time we'd been to this center, the girl played board games with the seniors, but this was a different group who weren't really able to do that. We hadn't prepared enough Christmas songs to fill the time, so we sang a bunch of our Girl Guide songs too! (SC, YiG4#3)

We spent about an hour with them, and then they let us have a room so we could have a little Christmas wrap up party.

The first thing we did was finish up our Understanding the Promise and Law section. We had shoestring licorice and the girls practiced their reef knots. Each time they successfully completed the knot, they got to eat it! (YiG1#5)

Now they've completed everything they need to earn their first little square--You in Guiding: Understanding the Promise and Law.

Once programming was out of the way, we gave them gingerbread men, icing, and candy to decorate with and let them decorate cookies. A craft and a snack all in one!

After they ate their cookies, we gave them some blank Christmas cards to sign that one of our leaders is going to send to soldiers overseas.

And now we're done until after Christmas! Well, except for the planning, and I've already started thinking about the new year...

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