Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Meeting #12

Discovering You: Discover What's Important to You (DY1)

You and Others: Build Skills in Communication (YaO2)

You in Guiding: Be Involved in Your Community

First meeting of the new year!

6:30-6:55--Patrol Time The usual deal--they started by taking attendance and presenting badges. 

Their activity to work on this week was DY1#1 Understanding Values. We gave them the written instructions, though it was a little complicated for them to do just from written instructions, so we did explain it to them out loud as well.

1. Give the girls a chance to talk about Christmas. Since it was our first meeting back, we gave them a chance to tell us the best thing about their Christmas break.  
2. Discuss the results of their Patrol Time. We talked about what five values each patrol picked and which ones were their tops. Respect, Honesty, and Kindness came out on top, and we pointed out to them that if those are they values that they rated as tops, that's how other people want to be treated too. (DY1#1)

7:15-7:35--Lego activity
We brainstormed a communication activity, and ended up combining a number of ideas, and we were very pleased with how this turned out! The girls got into groups of two, and each group got a bag of Lego that had two of every piece (around 10 pieces each). They each got a set of Lego, and had to sit back to back. One girl built something with her Lego and had to explain to the other girl how to do it. The second girl couldn't talk or ask clarifying questions. When they were done, they compared their creations, to see how well they communicated. Then they switched and the other girl got to build and describe. (YaO2#6)

7:35-8:00--CWFF Banks and calendars. I had found the bank template here: Jewel's Guiding Site and I had to update it for 2012 (template, Word). The girls cut them out and glued them together.

Then we gave them calendars (Examples can be found here and here), updated to reflect the days our girls would have the banks. At the end of the month, the girls will bring back their banks full of coins and we will roll them for CWFF and our Thinking Day party. (YiG4#5)

We also handed out forms for our District Crest Design contest and explained the rules to them. They have 2 weeks to bring them back. Every unit in our District is participating, and then we will pick the design that will be our District Crest!

8:00-8:20--Campfire. At our planning meeting in November, one of the patrols planned a campfire and they got to lead it at the end of our meeting tonight.

It was sort of a mishmash of activities tonight with no theme that tied them together, but they were activities we needed to do and it was a fun night--table work, activity, craft, and songs!


  1. I absolutely love the ideas that you have on here, and the downloadable material to pass on. FACTASTIC. We are looking at doing the CWFF Banks this year with our Guide Unit. I was wondering if you had the template, not in *.pdf format, so I can change the dates.


    1. Thanks, Karen! It's nice to hear that the blog is useful to others.

      Here is the Word file: Thinking Day box