Thursday, November 22, 2012

Meeting #8: Remembrance Day

You and Others: Learn How to Plan (YaO3)

You in Guiding: Learn About Guiding (YiG2)

Event Planning

6:30-7:00: Patrol time--We gave the girls evaluation forms so they could evaluate the planning and execution of the Halloween party we had. Party Evaluation form (Word doc) (YaO3#1, EP#4)

7:00-7:15: Horseshoe and discuss Halloween evaluation--We had the Patrol Leaders give us the comments and suggestions from their Patrols. With the size of our unit this year, we're trying to give the Patrol Leaders more responsibility and reduce the number of other girls who are talking. They had some good comments about the party--more than just sweets for food, games were fun, not enough supplies for the craft.

7:15-7:30: Guides in Wartime minibooks--I got this idea from Owl and Toadstool. Guider Lee Anne sent me the files that had the little pictures and the posters with all the information. She'll willingly share the files with other Guiders if you comment on her post or send her an email.

She also sent me a video on how to make the layered book we used. I got coloured  cardstock from the Dollar Store and they turned out really pretty! When they finished the books, they glued them into their lapbooks. (YiG2#6)

7:45-7:55--Discussion of Guides in wartime--Once they finished their books, we talked about what they learned.

7:55-8:15--Valentines for Vets (Guider Cara on the Brownies Meet blog has a great write-up on Valentines for Vets)--We gave them lots of supplies so each could make a Valentine that we could send to Valentine's for Vets. Since Valentines need to be sent early in January, this seemed like a good time to do Valentine's for Vets, with the war time/Remembrance Day theme.

We gave them preprinted verses that they could glue in the cards (we took them from the Valentines for Vets site), and a preprinted label that said "4th Hammonds Plains Guides" to glue on the back, and lots of stamps and stickers and pretty paper that they could use to decorate the cards with.

As we were starting to explain what we were doing, one girl asked, "Why do veterinarians need Valentine's?" Oops! We should have explained that first. :)

8:15-8:30--We had time to sing a few songs before we did our closing.


  1. Cat - I've been trying with no success to contact Guider Lee Ann for a copyf of the Guides in Wartime minibook resources. Would you still happen to have them to share? Would be forever grateful! Guider Lisa in Alberta

    1. Sorry it took me a few days to get back to you--I had a busy week. Check your email. :)

  2. I would also like the files please! Guider Laura in Saskatchewan

  3. Hi! If one of you could please forward me the files as well, I would appreciate it so much! Guider Blaze in Toronto

  4. Cat, I have been trying to contact Guider Lee Ann for her pdf war time files but have been unsuccessful. Would it be possible for you to share,