Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Meeting #10: Enrollment

You in Guiding: Understand the Promise and Law and Motto

Last week, we gave the girls a choice of Enrollment themes: World, Campfire, or Hogwarts. Each theme got votes, but Hogwarts was the winner.

We found the outline for the Hogwarts Enrollment in two places: NB Girl Guide site and AB Girl Guides Bright Ideas.

We gave the girls chopsticks to use as wands.

We didn't make hats or capes for the girls. The leaders wore capes (we have a leader who works at a university who got them for us).

We had a sorting hat with walkie talkies and it worked really cool. (We had 18 girls being enrolled).

The 2nd and 3rd years lit candles as they recited the promise.

We had the cauldron with Dragon Spit (vinegar) and Ground Unicorn Horn.

We used the first hour to set up the room and rehearse the ceremony. Then the parents arrived at 7:30 and we did the ceremony. The whole thing worked really well and was a lot of fun!

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