Sunday, February 3, 2013

Special Event #3: Winter Hike

Beyond You: Explore the Outdoors and Nature (YiG2)

Since we had to cancel our meeting due to snow, we arranged for a hike on Saturday. We had a girl moving away and we wanted a chance to say good-bye to her before she moved to New Mexico.

It was cold and there was lots of snow on the ground, but it was sunny and there wasn't much wind at all, so it was a beautiful day for a hike.

We had one girl who started complaining about 15 minutes into a 2 hour hike, but we got her through it. We stopped every 15 minutes or so for a water break, and at the halfway turnaround point, we stopped for a snack.

As we walked, we looked for interesting things along the way. We saw a river that was still running, and dogs, and animal prints in the snow, and ducks swimming in the water. (YiG2#1)

On our return, our complaining girl walked at the front and stopped complaining, and said that the snack break was enough and her legs didn't hurt anymore. We think knowing how far she had to walk back helped her--though she did declare that she was never going on a hike again!

We had a great time in the beautiful outdoors!

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