Thursday, March 14, 2013

Meeting #16: WAGGGS Square

You in Guiding: Learn About WAGGGS (YiG3)
After spending the last few meetings visiting an international country, we decided to conclude with a meeting about WAGGGS!

6:30-7:00: Patrol Time: We used a printout I got from Guider LeeAnne* at the Owl and Toadstool blog. It's a strip of international uniforms that the Guides can colour in. There is a numbered guide to tell them which colour goes where. They were very industrious and got right down to work on it. They fanfolded the strip of paper and glued it into their lapbooks before we had horseshoe. (YiG3#5)

7:00-7:15: Horseshoe: We are thinking about doing the Operation Earth Action challenge and so we presented it to them to see if it was something they were interested in. (Thumbs up!) Then we told them we could use half an hour in our next meeting to celebrate Valentine's Day at our next meeting, and let them plan and decide what they wanted to do (a treasure hunt, baked goods, and a dance party--they are bringing the music and the disco balls!)

7:15-7:35: World Trefoil: We precut puzzle for each girl. I got the puzzle template from Guider LeeAnne* at the Owl and Toadstool. These puzzle were very small and tedious to cut out. We split the chore up between two Guiders (and a helper daughter Guide) but they were a lot of work and I don't know that I'd do these again. I like that they have these in their lapbooks, but did I mention it was a lot of work? :) It was nice to change up the activity though and the girls did have fun gluing the puzzles together! (YiG3#4)

7:35-8:05: World Center Passports: Guider LeeAnne created the original, but before she sent me all of her files, I recreatd the passport for our purposes. We did use her posters though! The girls wandered the room and filled in their passports, learning about the World Centers along the way. (YiG3#2)

Owl and Toadstool Posters (webpage to download)
World Centers Passport (Word doc)

8:05-8:20: We played the World Centers fact cooperative game that we did last year. We wanted to see how the dynamics worked again. A few of them seemed to grasp the way to get to stop hopping was to convince everyone to go to the same one, but our two obstinate girls from last year haven't learned anything! One refuses to move with the group if she thinks she right, even though by moving, they could find out they were wrong and then move to the right spot. The other is with the group as long as there are a few holdouts in another location--as soon as the holdouts look like they're going to join the goup, this Guide will move to another location just to keep everyone jumping! We've decided to not do this game again until those two have moved on!

8:20-8:30: Closing--we handed out lots of badges tonight. If a girl had attended the past four meetings, she'd have earned the Travel badge, Cultural Awareness badge, the Curacao Twinning Challenge, and her WAGGGS square! Everyone received at least the Twinning Challenge crest, so no one went away empty handed!

*To get copies of the files I got from Guider LeeAnne, comment on her blog or send her an email.

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