Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Meeting #17: Discover Your Community

You in Guiding: Learn about WAGGGS (YiG3)
Beyond You: Discover Your Community (BY1)

6:30-7:00: We don't have any meetings set aside just for WAGGGS this year, but we're still trying to include some information for the girls. Girl Guides of Southwest Texas has some interesting worksheets about Thinking Day/WAGGGS that we printed off for the girls to work on during Patrol Time. I included the following sheets:
World Thinking Day Calendar: This has some trivia questions that are American leaning, but there were some interesting questions that our girls could answer too.
Fun Facts about the Four World Centers
World Thinking Day Friendship Circle Activity
WAGGGS Dot to Dot Activity

7:00-7:10 Horseshoe

7:10-8:10 Round Robins
Activity #1: We printed off a large map of our community. (Luckily, I work in an engineering firm with large plotters, so every once in a while, I get my co-worker to print things off for me). Each girl would mark on the map where she lived, and then as a group they figured out where all the important places were in our community--schools, stores, fire station, etc. (BY1#2)

Activity #2: We borrowed a wheelchair and a walker from a pharmacy and used them to determine how accessible our meeting place is. Now we're in a school, so it is very accessible, with wide doors, automatic doors, an elevator, and accessible bathrooms. But we talked about each of these features and what would make a building inaccessible. And they were all excited to be pushed in the wheelchair. :) (BY1#4)

Activity #3 & #4: They spend two sessions continuing to work on their WAGGGS sheets. We directed them to work on the Friendship Circle Activity, which was pretty neat. I printed off some pages from Owl and Toadstool of what uniforms look like around the world and told the girls to colour each girl in the cutout a different uniform colour. (YiG3#5)

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