Thursday, October 16, 2014

First Meeting: Begin Again!

I can't believe I'm starting my third cycle through the Guiding program--Year Seven of being a Guide leader!

6:30-7 Arrival and paperwork--we let the girls arrive and choose their tables to sit at. We only have 11 girls this year, and they split into two tables, which ended up being all the girls from one school at one table (2nd and 3rd years) and all the girls from another school at the other table (1st and 2nd years). I gave them the same puzzle to do this year as we did last year, and a couple of them actually finished it this year!

7:-7:15: Ice breaker games: They wanted to play the Yay! You! game, where everyone says their name and then something they're good at, and then everyone else says, "Yay! (insert name)". 

Then we played a game called Zip/Zap. The person in the middle would point at someone. If she said "Zip" they had to name the person on their left, and if she said "Zap" they had to name the person on their right, and if she said "Zip Zap" everyone had to change places in the circle. We only have 2 new girls this year, but they're twins so that makes it more difficult to figure out their names! We also have a new leader this year, so it was helpful for her to learn everyone's names.

7:15-7:30: Talk about Guide Program and LBP: We spent a few minutes explaining the Guide program to the new girls, and then discussing the Lady Baden-Powell Challenge and what needs to be done for the third years to complete the program.

7:30-7:50: Guide Uniform—Beetle game. We thought we play a game to emphasize what was expected for uniforms. We gave each girl a paper doll and the instructions. You had to roll a 1 to start, and you could draw/colour a shirt on your girl. Each person could roll once and then pass to the next girl at her table. The die went around the table until a girl rolled all her numbers (2-pants, 3-scarf, 4-sash, 5-program book, 6-indoor shoes). The first girl to dress her girl won! (Supplies: die for each table, Paper doll, instructions)

7:50-8:10: Activities for the year—We discussed with the girls what we had planned and what they wanted to do.

8:10-8:30: Campfire and closing--we sang some songs and then sang Taps.

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