Tuesday, February 16, 2016

WAGGGS Program in a Bag

You in Guiding: Learn About WAGGGS (YiG3)

We're doing lapbooks again this year and I decided our WAGGGS meeting we would do as Program in a Bag. Each Patrol works at their own pace and does as many of the activities as they can. Each activity is in a plastic sheet protector with the instructions face-side down.

I gave them 8 activities to start and if they finished those, then they could pick from the last 3. 3 out of 4 Patrols finished 8-9 activities. One Patrol had difficulties and only completed 5 of the activities. I sent them home with what they missed so they could earn their square.

WAGGGS Program in a Plastic Bag

Activity #1: Uniforms (YiG3#5) (Paper Doll file)
INSTRUCTIONS: St Vincent and Grenadines in our Twinning Country partner. Learn about their uniforms by
1. Colouring the paper doll in the appropriate colours
2. Cutting it out
3. Gluing it into your lapbook.
Equipment: Colouring pages, Markers/Coloured pencils, Scissors, Glue

Activity #2: World Centers (YiG3#2) (World Centers Posters, Updated Booklet with Posters)
1. Cut out and fold your World Centers booklet.
2. Find the matching poster for each page and fill in the details.
For the map, put an X at each location. Don’t worry if you can’t write the whole name.
3. Put the booklet into pocket in your Lap Book.
Equipment: Booklet, Posters, glue

Note: This activity originated with Owl and Toadstool. I updated the booklet to include Kusafiri (and subsequently, she also updated her booklet!) She created the original posters file, I created the Updated Booklet and posters, based on her design.

Activity #3: World Flag (YiG3#4)
INSTRUCTIONS: Play a World Flag beetle game.
You are to draw the World Flag, but you can only draw what the dice tells you draw! Using the following instructions, take turns throwing the die and see who can complete their World Flag first. Use the World Flag card to show you where everything should go. After the game is over, you can put the World Flag card into a pocket in your Lap Book.
Equipment: Paper, D10, pencils, World Flag cards from Guide store
NOTE: This game can be adapted to use a regular 6-sided die instead of a 10-sided die (Game taken from this site)

Activity #4: KNOTTING (YiG1#5)
INSTRUCTIONS: Tie Reef Knots! Time yourselves for 5 minutes. See how long you can make the rope by tying the smaller pieces together with reef knots, one person at a time. When the time is up, measure your rope. At the end, we’ll see which Patrol could tie the longest rope.
After measuring, untie all the knots so the ropes are ready for the next patrol.
Equipment: Ropes, Masking tape (for measuring)
Hint: Reef knot—Left over right and under; right over left and under.

Activity #5: Camp Skills: Bedrolls (Camp-out badge #3)
INSTRUCTIONS: Using the supplied equipment, make a proper bedroll.
Equipment: Tarp, Sleeping bag, Blanket, Pillow, Stuffy, Bungee cords/rope

Activity #6: Teamwork
INSTRUCTIONS: Flood! The flood waters are rising! Try to fit your entire group onto a "rock" (a plastic tarp). Once everyone's on the "rock", the flood waters can rise further (i.e Fold the tarp in half and then fit everyone on it again). How small a "rock" can your group fit on?
Equipment: Tarp

Activity #7: Problem Solving
1. With your Patrol holding hands, pass a hula hoop around the circle without letting go.
2. Try it again, and see if you can do it faster.
3. Add the second hula hoop and send it in the opposite direction and try to get both hula hoops back to where they started.
Equipment: Hula hoops

Activity #8: CWFF: INSTRUCTIONS (YiG3#3) (Word Search)
1. Fold Word Search in half twice.
2. Glue folded Word Search into Lap Book
3. Glue CWFF label onto Word Search
4. Work on Word Search
Equipment: Word Search, CWFF Label, Glue

Activity #9: Minutes
1. Stand in a circle. Every Guide closes her eyes. At the word “Go”, each Guide must estimate the length of a minute, and sit down when she thinks the minute is up. Ask a Leader to tell you who was closest.
2. How many times can each Guide touch all four walls in a minute? Write down your score.
3. Every Guide must balance on one foot for one minute. Ask a Leader to time you.
Equipment: Leader, Stopwatch

Activity #10: Dexterity
INSTRUCTIONS: Complete a jigsaw upside down without peeking. When you are finished, turn it over to see the picture.
Equipment: Puzzle

Activity #11: Gadgets
INSTRUCTIONS: Make a camp gadget.
Equipment: Skewers, Rope, Program book

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