Wednesday, February 17, 2016

First Aid Badge

You and Others: Learn About Safety (YaO4)

Beyond You: Discover Your Community (BY1)

First Aid badge (FA)

Our sister Guide unit contacted us about how to complete the First Aid badge. We brainstormed together and came up with a 2 meeting plan--one night at our meeting space on Tuesday and then the second meeting at their meeting space on Monday. It all came together quite nicely!

Meeting #1:
With 40 Guides expected, we needed a bigger room to fit everyone, so we requested a room change at our school and were in the gym instead of the Family Studies room.

6:30-6:50--Since we were going to be sitting and listening, we thought a good opening game that could be joined in progress would be Hospital Tag. Everyone is IT and when you get tagged, you cover the spot you were tagged with your hand. When you get tagged a second time, you cover it with your second hand. When you get tagged a third time, you sit down. We played with a variation that if you're sitting down, someone (anyone) can run around you twice to "cure" you.

Be Prepared Kits from the Guide Handbook
6:50-7:00--We had a huge horseshoe! We had them line up in their patrols, so we did Horseshoe with 8 Patrols! They did well.

7:00-7:45--One of our leaders is a Dietician, so she recruited 2 nurse friends of hers to come present. They covered all of the requirements of the badge, except the first aid kit. (FA#1, FA#2, FA#3, FA#4, FA#5, FA#6, FA#7, FA#9, FA#10)

7:45-8:30--We moved to the cafeteria, after the Sparks had left, because  we wanted tables to make our Be Prepared kits. We call them Be Prepared instead of First Aid because we add more than just basic first aid things.

We used plastic containers from the Dollar Store and filled it with lots of good things. The book has a good starting point for what to put into a Be Prepared kit. (FA#8, YaO4#2)

6:30-7:00 For our arrival activity, we had them use their Be Prepared kits to play Kim's game. They laid all the elements out on the table and everyone got a chance to study it. Then they covered it and tried to remember everything that was in it. Once they did this, we suggested that they have one person remove an item and everyone else had to try to figure out what was missing.

7:00-7:45--This was a great bridging meeting! The Pathfinders meet in the same building and they planned this portion of the meeting for us. They worked in groups and presented various First Aid scenarios for the Guides to try to help them with. They had 5 different scenarios for the Guides to cycle through. (YaO4#1)

7:45-8:15--Building Audit: The International Day of Persons with Disabilities Instant Meeting had an accessibility audit with pre-made forms to fill out. We had 8 groups so we sent 2 groups to each location and had them audit the locations. Then we got back together and each group reported their findings. This went fairly well and the girls had some great thoughts on what was provided and what would be needed to improve. (BY1#4)

It was better for us to use their building for the audit--we meet in a school that was built in the last 20 or so years, so it is quite accessible. The other Guide unit meets in an old church hall, with lots of stairs. It is partially accessible but it has lots of things you can think and talk about with regards to accessibility.