Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Meeting #1 Welcome to Guides

Discovering You: Understand How to Be Responsible (DY4)

6:30-6:55 Arrival--Nametag craft.  We made shrinky dink nametags. The girls wrote their names on a piece of paper so they could trace it backwards onto the shrinky dink. Then they coloured and decorated the shrinky dink. Luckily, we have an oven in our meeting space so they baked while we moved onto the next activity.

6:55-7:10 Ice breaker game--We all went around the circle and said our names and then something we like to do. Then we added a stuffed animal to throw and had to say the name of the person who threw it to you, then your own name, and then the name of person you were throwing it to. That way everyone got to hear everyone's name multiple times.

7:10-7:20 Overview of the Guide program. Explain badges vs program squares, talk about patrols and patrol leaders, LBP Award, confirm Guiding Years.

7:20-7:30 - Planning (DY4#3)
We had some decisions to make about upcoming activities so we discussed them here. 
1. Hiking--Do we want to do as much hiking this year as last year? The answer was YES!
2. Remembrance Day--Did they like doing the Postcards for Peace or would they rather do Valentine's for Vets? Valentine's for Vets was the chosen activity for this.
3. IWK service project--are the girls interested in learning how to crochet/knit? They said yes so we are going to look into how feasible this will be. 

7:20-8:15 Global Goals (DY4#3)
In an effort to help the girls be more globally aware, we decided to learn about the Global Goals and incorporate them into our planning and service projects this year. We couldn't possibly cover all 17 in one year, so once we learned about them, we had the girls vote on which 3 we would concentrate for the year.

Talk about what Sustainable Development Goals and United Nations mean.

There are a few videos that explain what the Global Goals are and how we can make a difference in the world.

After we watched the video, we talked about what each global goal means. Then we had 16 "posters" (8.5x11 sheets) around the room with each Global Goal. Girls got 3 stickers to vote on which Global Goal they want to concentrate on this year. They walked around the room and voted with their stickers.

Our 3 Global Goals for this year are:
#2 Zero Hunger
#5 Gender Equality
#14 Life Below Water

Then we brainstormed activities we can do that are related to these goals.

We also watched this video:
And then we went around the room and asked each girl what they "really really want" for gender equality.



  1. Dear Bluenose Guider :) I just want to THANK you for such a comprehensive, interesting, informative, helpful and detailed information. I am a leader and a Chief Commissioner of the Georgian Girl Scouts (country of Georgia :) ) and we only now are developing our organisation. Don't have program yet, don't have experienced leaders. We are trying to educate ourselves via internet :) and I was so excited when I found your blog. It's sad that your blog posts stopped in 2014 (looks like your life became too busy or you moved to other direction). Anyway, just wanted to express my gratitude from far, far away country for your contribution to Georgian Girl Scout program development :) If by any means you will have interest to connect with us, please write to kety.tyson@gmail.com or find me on FB Kety Zhvania-Tyson. Hope that you will see this message soon :)

  2. Sorry, I didn't noticed that my name here is in my language - Georgian and you cannot read it. My name is Kety :)

    1. Hi Kety!

      I'm still active and involved in Guiding--my blog has slowed down but I have lots of ideas that I need to add to it.

      I'm sending you an email now. :)