Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hike #4: Milk Carton Hot Dogs

We're still working on our Hiking Challenge, and we're about a third of the way there! We went back to Jerry Lawrence Park, where we had our first hike, so we can take a picture in the same spot for each of the seasons (Beyond You: Learn About Our Environment#1).

The girls were all instructed to wear appropriate clothing: hats, mitts/gloves, warm boots, snow pants/long underwear, warm coats. We had no idea what the weather was going to be when we planned this--it's been fluctuating between +10C and -10C for the past couple of weeks, with not much snow around. We had a snow storm on Friday, turning the park beautiful and just perfect for a winter hike! The temperature was a little cold (-11C) but it was sunny and there wasn't a whole lot of wind.

We planned to do milk carton hot dogs (and put our Yellow Activity paperwork in to cook with fire). We had some difficulty getting the lighters to work in the cold, but one of our leaders had the special touch and we did get them all lit.

Milk Carton Hot Dog Instructions: Put your hot dog in the bun and wrap them up in heavy duty tin foil. Place two hot dogs in a 2L milk carton (the milk cartons burned better than the Tropicana OJ cartons). We found it helped to tear the corners in strips and bend them down to help them catch on fire and burn better. Once the milk carton has burned away, your hot dogs are ready with a toasted bun and a heated hot dog.

Lessons learned:
1. Hot dogs don't heat up enough if they are frozen to start.
2. Propane lighters don't work well in cold weather. Remember to bring matches. Tip from another Guider if using matches--use the long, fireplace matches, because it can take a few seconds for the milk carton to catch.

Most of them cooked perfectly, but then, everything tastes better when you're cooking outside. We also gave them a granola bar and an apple to round out their lunches.

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