Friday, January 13, 2012

Meeting #13: WAGGGS square/World Guiding Badge Pt 1

World Guiding Badge (WG)
You in Guiding: Learn About WAGGGS (YiG3)
We do the You in Guiding Square every year, so we  also do the World Guiding badge every year, because it ties in quite closely with the WAGGGS square. We try to change it up each year, so we're not doing the same thing over and over again. This year, I found the World Guiding Goes Tartan challenge (WGGT) from Scotland, which had some great ideas for WAGGGS activities. I contacted them about getting the crests, but they were only available until October, which I hadn't seen as a stipulation.

WAGGGS Activities document, with Countries, Uniforms, and Flag Elements

6:30-6:50: Patrol Time: Food planning (WG4): each girl needs to pick a World Center country to bring a snack from. Bringing food for your Patrol only (6-7 people);  each country must be represented; leaders will also eat from Patrols

6:50-7:00: Horseshoe  

7:00-7:20: How WAGGGS Began from WGGT p4 (YiG3#1) (20 min)
The activity asked for a Globe ball, which we didn't have, so we used a globe stress ball for catching and we had a large world map the girls could use to find the countries.
1)Throw the ball and the girl who catches it has to find a country drawn from a hat.
2) Each girl must bring back a fact the following week on the country; give the girls the 100 in 100 website ( (WG5)

7:20-7:40: World Badge from WGGT p6  (YiG3#4) 
I adapted this activity in incorporate the World Flag, instead of just the World Badge. I made puzzles a few years ago out of construction paper. The girls rolled dice to complete the puzzles and the first Patrol that finished won. I gave them an Element key that told them which told them which pieces to place on their flags. They had to roll a 6 to start.
World Flag Elements
1 – the needle
1 – the flame
2 – a star
3 – white blaze
3 – golden blocks
4 – the trefoil
5 – the outer ring
6 – the blue background

7:40-8:00 WAGGGS Today from WGGT p5  (YiG3#5, WG2)
Pair countries with branches and uniforms.
I found pictures of the uniforms on this site (Edit: Site no longer exists)  I learned how to use Snipping Tool to get the pictures into Word. I glued each piece onto old business cards.

Half the girls get a card with country name; other half get card with branch & uniform. Have to guess which ones go together by pairing up.  If they’re wrong, they have to keep trying until they’re all right. We played this through a couple of times, and they learned the answers fairly quickly. Now I have the cards and can do this game over again easily.

8:00-8:20 Cable Car activity from WGGT p12 (WG7) (15 min)
Materials required: cardboard, hole punch, string
The girls made cable cars out of 8"x11" pieces of cardboard. They punch holes in the corners and strung the string through it and then relayed through it, sending the cable cars up and down, to see who could do it the fastest. We did this a couple of times as well, and the girls had fun both decorating the cable cars (they all put people inside the windows!) and playing the relay.

The WAGGGS module can be dry, but most of these activities had the girls moving and thinking and they seemed to enjoy themselves. We get a week off from it for a week before we complete the badge and square. The girls have two items for homework (snack and fact) that they have to bring back in two weeks and we stressed to them that these activities are required to earn the badge and square and they won't get the bling if they don't bring meet the requirements.

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