Saturday, March 10, 2012

Meeting #21: Art Production Badge Part 1

Art Production badge (AP)

Discovering You: Discover Your Creativity (DY2)

You and Others: Build Skills in Communication (YaO2)

Our meeting was cancelled last week due to a snow day. We were supposed have done this last week and then do the second part this week. Unfortunately, with March Beak and cookies coming up, our next available week to complete this will be the first week in April! Stay tuned!

6:30-7:00:  Patrol time--Create a picture based on a dream using pastels. On their Patrol Time sheets, we told them what they were to do, and they had to come to the front to get their paper and pastels once they understood the instructions. We wanted to make sure they were reading and understanding their instructions! And one group didn't read all the way through and started drawing all six pictures on the back of their Patrol time sheet! (AP#1, YaO2#5)

7:00-7:15: Horseshoe

7:15-7:20: Song to learn Primary and Secondary colours. I wasn't at the meeting for this part so I don't know the exact lyrics, but it was sung to If You're Happy and You Know It, and went "Yellow and blue make green". As the leaders sang the song, they mixed paint and let the girls say what the colour was. (AP#3, DY2#4)

Edited to add: I found the lyrics to the song. It's from "Barney and Friends": Mix a Color lyrics.

7:25-7:45: We gave the girls small plates and they each got to create one colour from the paint (blue, yellow, red, white, black). (AP#3) Using this colour, they created a print using stamps and dry pasta. I got the dry pasta idea from this blog: E Is for Explore (AP#4, DY2#4)

7:45-8:15: Create a sculpture using clay. We gave them 6 different colours of clay/plasticine and popsicle sticks for shaping and let them be creative--and they came up with some great designs.  (AP#2)

We kept all of their creations because when we do the second half of this badge, we're going to have an art gallery for the parents to see all of their creations (AP#7). 

This was a great meeting. The girls got to complete a lot of program work, but they also got to sit at their tables and talk and create. I don't plan crafts enough (and I'm trying to work on that!), but I always love watching the girls create and interact.

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