Saturday, March 3, 2012

Meeting #19: Canadian Guiding Badge, Pt 2

Canadian Guiding badge (CG)
You in Guiding

6:30-7:00 Patrol time–We gave the girls a number of Canadian Guider magazines to look through and find 5 interesting things that were going on in other units across Canada (basically, one per Guide). We also printed off some copies of Coastlines, the NS magazine, and told them to find the most interesting thing in it. We gave them Nov 2011 (which had a picture of our first hike) and Feb 2012 (which had a picture of our Tae Kwon Do night). They were quite excited to find their pictures! (CG#2)

7:00-7:15: Horseshoe—All of the Guiders in our unit are also involved on the Executive Council (DC, Deputy DC, Treasurer, and Secretary) so we all discussed what our roles are and what we do. (CG#4)

We also asked who had brought back a Guiding Resource to go into their binders. Most girls chose song lyrics. If they brought a Resource, they got credit towards the badge. If they didn't bring it back, they don't get the badge until they do. (CG#6)

7:15-7:35: This badge seemed to have a lot of talking about stuff, and our girls aren't really talkers--they like to do--so we made a card matching game to teach them about Lones, Trefoil Guild, Pathfinders, and Canadians on Foreign Soil units. I glued the facts to the back of old business cards (I have a pile from when my title changed--I became a P.Eng--and then my company changed buildings with a new address). (Facts, Word file) (CG#3)

7:30-7:35: The daughter of one of our Guiders is a Pathfinder and a Junior Leader at the Spark unit down the hall from us. When the Spark meeting finishes, she joins us, and we got her to talk briefly about what her favourite things about Guiding are. She`s quite shy, but she did answer all their questions. (CG#3)

7:35-8:00: Finally, we chose to let the girls plan a hike, since this ties into our work on the Hiking Challenge. First we played the game `I`m Going on a Hike and I`m Bringing...` I love playing this game with the girls. You can only bring something that begins with the same letter your name, but you don`t tell the girls what the trick is. So if Emma wants to bring cookies, we say she can`t come, but then when Cate wants to bring cookies, Sure! It`s fun watching the girls as they figure it out. You go around the circle a few times, emphasizing the words as more girls catch on, to help the other ones catch on too.

Then we got serious and actually planned a hike. The girls helped us make a kit list and gave suggestions for trails to use, and had a very smart idea to have a Bring a Friend hike. We going to do this hike in April, most likely. (CG#8)

8:00-8:20: We ended the night with campfire. Four of our girls had been to a Provincial Guide camp on the weekend and had learned some new songs that they were dying to teach everyone. We also let the girls who had brought songs as their Resources lead their songs too.

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