Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hike #5: Night Hike

With all the hikes we`re planning this year, we`re trying to come up with different things we can do to make them interesting. So we decided to have a night hike on the Rails to Trails, a nice wide flat trail that would be easy to navigate in the dark. We invited the other Guide Unit in our District to join us.

The weather forecast all week was not favourable and we discussed whether we`d have to cancel, but then Friday morning, the forecast changed and we had a beautiful night. We met at 6:30 and planned to be out for 2 hours.

We gave the girls glow bracelets to brighten up the night and small Kleenex packs to put into their first aid kits. The kit list included a filled water bottle, a snack, their first aid kits, and their log books. They needed to wear hats, mitts, and layers. The layers were important, because it wasn`t as cold as anticipated and most people shed a layer on the way.

We stopped every 15-20 minutes for water breaks, and at the halfway point we stopped and had a snack. The clouds cooperated and opened up some for us, so we did some star-gazing and found Orion, and had a beautiful view of the crescent moon aligned with Venus and Jupiter.

Our hike was timed beautifully, and we got back just at the pick up time and we hiked 5 km, which is what we hoped to cover on the hike. We`re now halfway to our goal for the hiking challenge.

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