Thursday, October 11, 2012

Meeting #3: Promise, Law and Handshake

You in Guiding: Understand the Promise and Law and Motto (YiG1)
(30 min) We gave them a Promise and Law word search to work on, created by Guider Lee Ann**. This kept them busy while we took in uniform order forms, cookie money, and dues from the parents. With 28 girls, that's a lot of parents to meet with and take in money from. The girls should really be responsible for handing in their money. I would probably change this, so that the girls come in and sit at their tables and we call them up to deliver whatever money and forms need to be delivered.

(Uniform Order Sheet, created by another Guider in our District)

(25 min) Get To Know You/Learn the Handshake--I took this idea from Brownies Meet and she explains the prep required quite well. Each girl got a container of unique beads and an empty pipe cleaner and had to meet all of the other girls. They had to use the Guide sign and the Guide handshake and introduce herself to the other girl, and then they exchange beads for their pipecleaner. When they were done, they could make the pipecleaner into a bracelet (though with 28 girls and 5 leaders, the bracelets were quite big!) This was lots of fun and the girls really enjoyed it. (YiG1#4)

(15 min) We did the Promise/Law/Motto game from the Guide Toolbox I found on the NB Girl Guide site. It's an old Active Living guide, which links to the old program, but has lots of good ideas that adapt to the current program. The Guider reads half of a phrase from the Promise/Law/Motto, and the girls need to find the matching phrase around the room and do the activity that goes with it. (YiG1#1)

(30 min) We spent the rest of the time working on our You in Guiding lapbooks, an idea I got from Guider Lee Ann of the Owl and Toadstool blog.  We put 4 things into our lapbooks and will be adding to them throughout the year, until we complete the You in Guiding square. To make the lapbook, you basically take two file folders and overlap them, so you end up with a half flap that folds in on the right side, under the whole flap that folds from the left. Last year at work, one of our Admins was throwing out a huge pile of file dividers, and gave me a large stack to use for Girl Guides. I used four of these to create the lapbooks for the girls. (YiG1#1)

(phote taken from  Owl and Toadstool blog)

1) We folded up the Promise and Law word search and glued it into the lapbook, and then put a label on the outside of the folded paper. The girls are to complete the word search on their own.** (YiG1#1)

2) We glued in the Promise craft we did the first week.

3) I created a folded minibook of songs they need to know for Guides, like the Guide Marching Song, Taps, etc. We used velcro to add this to the book, so they can take it out when we practice horseshoe the first few times. (Guiding Songbook) This site has a good quick explanation of how to fold a minibook.

Pinned Image4) Another Promise craft I saw on Pinterest. We printed out the promise on white paper. We drew a hand on fun foam that they had to cut out and we gave them the square of coloured paper. To secure the thumb and finger down, we used double sided sticky circles and then glued the whole thing together and put it into the lap book.

We had a few more activities planned for the night but we spent too much time at the first of the night dealing with parents and paperwork! We'll do more next time.

The girls really liked doing the lapbooks and it's a great way to do little crafts and activities and keep them all together.

**I have linked to the files and ideas that I created for the lapbook. Guider Lee Ann has provided me with a number of files that we'll be using. If you'd like to use files from Guider Lee Ann, she's willing to share if you contact her at her website.

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  1. HI Cat! Your lapbook sounds like it is really nice so far. I love the fun foam hand promise craft idea! Guider Lee Ann