Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Meeting #6: Halloween Party!

You and Others: Learn How to Plan (YaO3)
Event Planning (EP)
This meeting was completely planned and run by the girls. It's hard for us controlling Guiders to step back and let them make mistakes, but that's how they learn and we did our best. (YaO3#1, EP#4, EP#6, EP#7)

6:30-6:40--We just let them mill and look at each other's costumes as everyone arrived.

6:40-7:10--Craft: Juice Box Mummy. Each girl in the Patrol was responsible to bring the supplies for this. They all remembered the supplies, though not everyone remembered to bring a juice box. Some girls brought extra, but I think not everyone had a juice box to make the craft. We felt bad for them, but as part of a Girl-Led activity, we left them to be responsible. We will discuss this at the Party Evaluation and see if they can come up with ideas of how this can be avoided.

We made the Craft Patrol clean up the mess the girls left behind when picking up their craft supplies (mostly rice spilled everywhere). One of the girls said to me, "We told them to be careful and not make a mess, but they didn't seem to listen!" Ha! Now they know how we feel!

7:10-7:15: The Sparks from down the hall came to parade their costumes for us, and then our girls paraded for them.

We told the group when they were planning to come up with two games and that they'd have about 20 minutes for games. They planned three games and were then disappointed that they didn't have time to play the third game.

The games they picked were quite fun. The first one was a Candy Corn relay. There were two teams, and each team had two buckets. The one farthest away was empty and the one closest had candy corn in it. The girls used a spoon to transfer the candy corn from one bucket to another. This took longer than they thought so after everyone had had at least one turn, they ended the game and determined the winner by who had the most in their bucket.

Their second game was Pin the Mouth on the Jack-o-Lantern. They had two Jack-o-Lanterns so groups could go at the same time. They had two mouths, and they left the one closest taped on while the next girl went.

7:40-8:05 Snacks
The Snack Patrol were in charge of setting out the snacks and cleaning up afterward. Their hardest task was waiting for the other patrols to get their food before they took theirs! There was lots of food, so no one was in danger of not getting any, but some were hovering, desperate to be able to get a cupcake! Everyone remembered to bring what they needed (Brownies, Cupcakes, Cookies, Punch, Fruit, napkins, plates, cups) and they did a great job.

8:05-8:30 Campfire and Ghost Story
The Campfire Patrol found a website with a number of cute Halloween songs set to well-known songs. (This is a similar page--Halloween songs--but it's not the exact one because it has some they didn't sing.

Halfway through the songs, the Ghost Story patrol read the story that they wrote last week. I had helped them type it, but no one else had heard it and they did a really good job with it. In the end, a witch turned one of our Guiders (and the mother of one of the girls who wrote the story) into a toad!

I think the girls had a lot of fun, and they did a great job leading the activities. Some girls were more proactive than others, but they all participated in their own way.

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