Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Meeting #4: Understand the Promise and Law and Motto

Understand the Promise and Law and Motto (YiG1)
Discovering You: Discover What's Important to You (DY1)

Patrol Time: Another idea stolen from Hollah Guiding! We printed off pages with a picture of a bag and had the girls "fill them" with things they'd need to Be Prepared for that activity. Each Patrol had Guide Meeting, Choose a Sport, and Camp. (Be Prepared Template, Word Doc) (YiG1#3)

Horseshoe: With only 4 new Guides out of 23, we didn't need to teach horseshoe this year! We just did it and they followed along. Then we did the Promise and the Law with our new actions, which definitely helped us remember them without looking!

Once in Horseshoe, we talked about what we were doing that night, and then sat down and each group shared what they put in their Be Prepared bags for each activity. They did a great job and remembered a lot of good things!

Skits: The Patrols presented their puppet skits, using the puppets and skits they created last week. After they presented their skits, we guessed which Law they had chosen. (YiG#1)

Puzzle Pieces: I took their interest lists from last week and found clipart for everything. I printed them off, and gave them stickers and they had markers and they decorated their puzzle pieces that we had prepared from two pieces of Bristol board (explained at Hollah Guiding). They all turned out really well! (DY1#2)

Handshake Dance: We played a few rounds of Handshake Dance, where you dance to music and then when the music stops, find someone and shake left hands to remember how Girl Guides around the world shake hands. (YiG1#4)

Reef Knot race: Everyone had a scarf and each patrol had to tie them together using reef knots. (YiG1#5)

Songs: I've been looking at the Sing Ontario Sing 2013 challenge and wanting to learn some new songs. I compiled all the lyrics of the songs I didn't know and researched them on either YouTube or got the mp3 from  I'll put the playlist on in the car to help engrain the tunes into my head. And since we had some time, we learned Magalina Hagalina and Tony Chestnut. The Guides actually knew some of these from in school. (Sing Ontario Sing Word doc).

Closing: The Guides asked about a Halloween party and want to plan it like they did last year. So next week, before we have Enrollment, we'll let them plan the party.

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