Monday, October 28, 2013

Meeting #5: Party Planning and Enrollment

You and Others: Learn How to Plan
You in Guiding: Understand the Promise and Law and Motto

The Guides requested that they could plan their Halloween party so we spent the first part of the meeting letting them do that.

6:30-7:15: Since we would be doing Horseshoe for Enrollment, we just got started with the planning right away. Each patrol drew an activity to plan: Games, Food, Ghost Story, Campfire Songs.

7:15-7:45: After planning, we rehearsed Enrollment. We used the Enrollment Ceremony from Hollah Guiding. We practiced putting together the puzzle pieces the Guides had made last week. We set it up on the floor in the middle of the Horseshoe and just went in order from #1 to #24. (We have 22 girls, so as Leaders, we just cut two pieces in half to get four pieces for us.)

7:45-8:15: We only have 4 first years this year, and 2 of them weren't there, so it was a small ceremony! We handed out everyone's Patrol Emblems and Year pins, and the first years earned their first little square. We did the Law with our actions and I'm impressed at how quickly they've learned the Law when before they always stumbled over it.

Then we served cake and juice. I made the cake into a puzzle piece, using a jelly roll sized cake pan and then cutting out jigsaw pieces and attaching them to the sides.

8:15-8:30: We started to learn Swinging Along in parts, and then repeated Magalina Hagalina and Tony Chestnut, then did closing.

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