Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Meeting #10: Program in a Plastic Bag


Program in a Plastic Bag is a great meeting, because once we get there, the leaders don't need to do much, other than observe and help facilitate some of the activities, but the girls do most of the leading.

We did this activity two years ago and we ran it basically the same way. I took away some of the activities, and told them they had to do #3, #5, and #14, as these are the ones that count towards the Camping badges (Basic Camper and Camp-Out).

Meetings like this are great, because it makes the girls step up. The third year girls should know how to make a bedroll and they can teach the newer girls. There is problem solving that they have to do and some groups struggle with this. If they can't figure it out, they turn to an adult to bail them out. Don't tell them the answer--make them work at it!

Basic Camper
Girls at this age are perfectly capable of lighting a match but are rarely given opportunity in their everyday lives.We knew we would be lighting matches at our upcoming camp and this gave them some extra exposure to it. After many years of teaching match lighting, I've a list of things I tell them now to help lessen their fears.

1. Take the match from the box and then close the box back up. Never light a match with the box open.
2. Hold the match firmly and push it away from you along the scratchy strip.
3. When the match lights, the flame will make a "Whoosh!" and then settle back down. The "Whoosh!" can be scary, but don't worry! It will be over quickly and the flame will get smaller.
4. Once the match lights, turn the match so the flame is up, not down! Fire is lighter than air and always goes up. If you hold the flame down, the flame will go up the match and try to get your fingers.
5. When you light the candle, move the match away from the candle before you blow it out. If you blow it out over your candle, you will blow out your candle too! How many have done that before? (All of the third years raise their hands, because almost everyone does this their first time because they are anxious to blow the match out!) This shows the first-timers that they don't need to feel embarrassed if they blow out their candle and match at the same time.

Program in a Plastic Bag (Word Doc)

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