Friday, January 9, 2015

Meeting #8: Remembrance Day

You in Guiding: Be Involved in Your Community (YiG4)
Beyond You: Discover Your Community (BY1)

Remembrance Day fell on our meeting day this year. We couldn't have our meeting at the school that night, but we could attend the community ceremony!

Our whole District participated and we had over 120 members in attendance! The Guides, Scouts, and Cadets all contribute to the ceremony--we parade in, we have members "stand guard" at the cenotaph. This year, one of my Guides read In Flanders Field.

Lined up, ready to march in 

I think this is an important activity to be involved in and am always pleased at how well the event is attended by our Guiding community!

And I always tell the girls that there is very little that we do that doesn't relate to programming in some way. Participating in the ceremony is an activity of our choice that helps us be involved in the community (YiG4#6) and as a Unit, we participated in a community event (BY1#3).

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