Friday, January 9, 2015

Meeting #7: Valentines for Vets

You and Others: Learn How to Plan (YaO3)

You in Guiding: Be Involved in Your Community (YiG4)

Event Planning
6:30-7:00: Patrol time--We gave the girls evaluation forms so they could evaluate the planning and execution of the Halloween party we had. Party Evaluation form (Word doc) (YaO3#1, EP#4)

7:00-7:15: Horseshoe--We had 3 new girls join after our Bring a Friend night, so that was great! We started off explaining to the new girls a bit about Guiding. Then we had 2 girls who had brought in treats they'd made for the Tasty Treats badge and present what else they had done for the badge.

7:15-7:30: Our meeting next week falls on Remembrance Day so we decided to spend the night working on Remembrance Day activities. We handed out the Peace badge worksheet that we'd created a few years ago for them to fill out and bring back to earn the Peace badge.

Then we talked about what Remembrance Day was and what veterans were. 

7:30-8:00: -Valentines for Vets (Guider Cara on the Brownies Meet blog has a great write-up on Valentines for Vets)--We gave them lots of supplies so each could make a Valentine that we could send to Valentine's for Vets. Since Valentines need to be sent early in January, this seemed like a good time to do Valentine's for Vets, with the war time/Remembrance Day theme.

We gave them preprinted verses that they could glue in the cards (we took them from theValentines for Vets site), and a preprinted label that said "4th Hammonds Plains Guides" to glue on the back, and lots of stamps and stickers and pretty paper that they could use to decorate the cards with. (YiG4#3)

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