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Endangered Species Badge

Endangered Species
We did this as a Wide Game at camp a couple of years ago, and it was a lot of fun. We had two units of Guides at camp, so we had about 22 girls to do the game with. We were in a large private camp, so we had a lot of space, and each activity was in a separate area.
We did a refresher of First Aid in the morning so the girls would be prepared for the afternoon, though we didn't tell them that they would require the information later.

We started after lunch with a Scavenger Hunt.  Each team got points for the number of items they found. The collection of items was saved for later in the Wide Game.
Scavenger Hunt list

We had four stations set up: True/False, First Aid, Semaphore, Animal Habitat and a small story to get the girls from station to station.
Wide Game story

True/False: We had one leader here, though she said it was a lot of talking to do it four times, so depending on how many leaders you have with you, you might want to have 2 here to trade off. The girls lined up and they each held a coloured stone in each hand. Right hand=true, left hand=false. If they answered correctly, they took a step forward. When someone got 5 right, the team earned a point, and everyone reset to the beginning. Some of the questions are geared towards our province of Nova Scotia, so you may need to change these up.
True/False questions

First Aid: The girls got a point for each correct ailment they treated, including the initial 4-hand carry. When they got to the First Aid station, they each pulled a piece paper with an ailment on it and the other girls had to treat it, e.g. broken finger, nosebleed, sprained ankle, bleeding cut, puncture wound...

Semaphore: When the girls arrived at the Semaphore station, we taught them how to do A-G in semaphore. Then they split up into two groups and had to send the answers to the questions--Endangered Animals in Canada, Endangered Animals of the World, Endangered Plants in Canada, and bonuses of Endangered Animals in NS and Endangered Plants in NS. Again, you'll need to change these to your own province. Because we only taught A-G, I used codes to match up the answers to the semaphores.

For the Semaphore flags, I made them using red and white bristol board, covered in laminating paper from the Dollar store, and attached to molding we had in the garage, or you could use a dowel or other such thing.
Page 62: Leader Ladder
Semaphore Positions
Semaphore Codes

Animal Habitat: For this, the girls created a habitat for animals in a shoebox using the items they collected in the Scavenger Hunt. I'm always blown away by how creative the girls are! They did this activity near the kitchen, so they also got to have their snack while they were crafting.

Finally, we all met up together and had a trivia contest to finish the game. One girl from each group would step forward and the first one whose hand went up got to answer, and they rotated through so everyone got to try to answer questions. I had put in some pop culture trivia to make it fun for them, but they didn't like that at all! I got so much grief from them over it!
Trivia Questions

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