Sunday, August 7, 2011

You and Others: Learn How to Plan #4

You and Others: Learn How to Plan (YaO3)

For money management, we planned a game of Price Is Right, and the girls loved it. We had about 16 girls at this meeting, and planned it so that each girl got two chances in "contestant row". Prizes were from the dollar store, like yo-yos and silly putty and, of course, toy cars for the car games!

For contestant's row, we brought a group of four girls forward. They got to bid on items we found in flyers, like stereos, tvs, jewellery, clothing, furniture, etc. The girl who won got to bring another girl from contestant's row to play the game with her.

We played The Clock Game because that was always my favourite game! You need a 3 digit price on an item. A picture from a flyer for the girls to see and a stop watch..

Dice Game: This is the car game. We had a picture of a car, and the price had all numbers between 1-6. The girls rolled a die, and if it wasn't the right, they had to say if the real number was higher or lower.

Flip Flop: You need a four digit priced item. For example, if it's $2568. Print out four pages, one with 25, one with 68, one with 52, and one with 86. For the game, we'd tape up the $52 68. The girls would have to decide to flip the first two digits (to 25), flop the last two digits (to 86) or flip flop both. They could tape their decision over the initial price we show them.

Shell game: You need 4 plastic cups and a small rubber ball. Then you need 4 items from the flyers (like jeans, sneakers, $10-80 things) with a wrong price for each. The girls will guess if the price is higher or lower. If they're right, they place a marker in front of one of the cups. If they have a marker in front of the cup with the ball, they win the prize.

Grand Game: you need 6 grocery items (real or pictures). There's a target price, so 4 items need to be less than that number and 2 items need to be more. We started at $0.01 and with each right answer, it moved up ($0.10, $1.00, $10.00) so that if they win the game, they win $10 and each girl gets $5.

Check Out Game: you need 4 grocery items. The girls will guess how much each thing costs. They need to be right within $2 to win. You can be fancy and print out a price for each item to turn over. Use the big paper to write down the guesses and the right prices as they are added up.

For everyone who didn't get to play a big game or who didn't win a big game, they got a small prize of a pencil and a notepad.

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