Sunday, August 7, 2011

Healthy Eating Badge and Discovering You Square

Discovering You: Stay Fit and Healthy (DY3)
Discovering You: Understand How to Be Responsible (DY4)

Healthy Eating badge

We took two meetings to cover the Healthy Eating Badge and parts of Discovering You: Stay Fit and Healthy and Understand How to Be Responsible. We were also working on the NS 2011 Anniversary Challenge and the Nfld Fit for Life Healthy Living Challenge.

(Abbreviations--HE=Healthy Eating badge, DY3=Discovering You Stay Fit and Healthy, DY4=Discoverying You Understand How to Be Responsible, FfL=Fit for Life Challenge, NS100=NS 100 Anniversary Challenge)

We had previously volunteered at the Feed Nova Scotia (HE#8).

Meeting #1
15 min: Discuss Canada's Food Guide and why each section is important. (HE#6, DY3#3)

10 min: List the things you ate today for breakfast, recess, lunch, afterschool snack, and supper. Categorize them into Canada's Food Guide. (HE#1, DY3#3, FfL#B)
Sheets to print for each Guide to fill out

15 min: Discuss who achieved the recommended servings for the day. (HE#2, DY3#3)

10 min: Food label activity printouts (HE#4): I got these from
Food Label Worksheet
Sample Labels

10 min: Healthy snack with NS food (NS100#16b): We like to have snacks and eat at our meetings quite often! We had rolls from a local bakery, cheese, and blueberries.

Meeting #2
20 min: Design an ad for healthy food/healthy lifestyle. (HE#3, DY3#2): Each patrol worked together to create their ad.

5 min: Smoking is bad for you (FfL#C)

20 min: Taking the Temperature activity from the GirlEmpower Challenge (DY4#4)
GirlEmpower Challenge

15 min: Brainstorm what you would need in a Be Prepared kit for different activities. (DY4#2): We gave each patrol a different activity and had them come up with what would be required.

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