Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hike #6: Sackville-Bedford Connector

We went on another 5 km hike. Though I suppose you could classify these hikes more as walks.

We had 7 girls on our hike. This path went along a river and the girls stopped a few times along the way to check it out.

This was a linear hike, so as Guiders, we arranged to have cars at either end, and we had the girls dropped off and picked up at different locations. While waiting for the parents, we talked to a gentleman who was fishing for baby eels out of the river that he sold and shipped to Japan, where they grew them for food. He showed us the eels and they were tiny and white and looked like worms. Yuck!

We have a couple of girls who have now completed their 30 km and we're on track for about 13 people (girls and Guiders) to complete the required kilometers and earn the challenge. Another hike coming up in a few weeks!

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