Saturday, April 21, 2012

Meeting #24: Art Production Badge Part 2

Art Production badge (AP)
Discovering You: Discovering Your Creativity

6:30-6:45--We knew the murals would take some time, so we didn't give them anything to do in Patrol Time and started Horseshoe early.


7:00-7:50--We gave each Patrol a large piece of white paper. We told them to come up with a theme for their mural and to sketch it out on a small piece of paper to have an idea of what they were going to do. We also suggested that they could divide the paper into vertical sections for each girl to work on, and then if they wanted, we could cut the murals up at the end of the night for each girl to take home her own artwork. (AP#6)

We also gave them craft supplies--foamies, pompoms--that they could glue on after they had coloured it to enhance their designs.

Cartoon theme

Jungle theme

Solar System theme
7:50-8:10--Set up Art Gallery. We had all of their art work from the two Art Production meetings: dream drawings, prints, sculptures and murals. We arranged the room to display all of their artwork, and gave them the option of grouping them by project or by artist and they chose by artist. (AP#7)

8:10-8:30--We invited the parents to come back early so they could all come in and see the beautiful artwork the girls had created. Then they all took their artwork home with them.

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