Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Meeting #26: Price Is Right

You and Others: Learn How to Plan (YaO3)

We played the Price Is Right two years ago, and decided to do it again. We only had one girl that this would be a repeat for, and we had one girl who needed this piece of programming and wasn't in our unit for her first year. And it's a fun game so it wouldn't be a hardship to repeat this piece of programming!

6:30-7:00: Patrol Time. We have a couple of meetings at the end of the year that we didn't have scheduled and we had come up with a number of different things we could do, so we asked the Patrols to decide. The first meeting (baking for school staff vs Climate Change challenge) was unanimous for the Challenge. The second meeting (friendship bracelets vs mini-putt or other choice) didn't go as well. They had a number of other choices and no clear decision on what they wanted to do, so we'll need to take some more time for that decision. (YaO3#4)

7:00-8:00: The Price Is Right game. We followed the exact same format as last time, and the girls had just as much fun. We had pretty pencils and erasers for the girls who didn't win any other prize.

8:00-8:30: We had some time left at the end so we played some games.

Rattlesnake: We learned this at OAL training last spring and it's a lot of fun. Be warned that the girls who are closest to the person at the wall will want to play again, because they don't get to do as much.

Human Knot: An oldie but a goodie. We really need to work with these girls more on cooperative games. Again, we had no clear leader--each girl was concerned with how to untangle herself, but not looking at the big picture of the whole group. We had all 16 girls in the circle--if we had put them into two circles to start, the smaller number may have let them see the bigger picture easier. It truly is fascinating to watch them try to work together! 

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