Monday, May 21, 2012

Hike #9: Point Pleasant Park

Point Pleasant Park is a huge forested park in downtown Halifax. The girls had planned a Bring-a-Friend hike as part of their Canadian Guiding badge, and this was it.

We met on a beautiful Saturday morning. I had some little colour chips that I found at the office when we were moving once, and I handed them out to each girl, to look for things along the way that would match their colour. (BY2#1)

We stopped at the Cambridge Battery to play and have a snack. We also stopped along the beach where they could play on the rocks.

Now we have 7 Guides and 3 Guiders who have earned their Hiker Distance Award Challenge crest. (BY2#6) We have a few more girls who are very close, and I'm hoping they can get their kilometers!

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