Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Meeting #31: Climate Change Challenge: Create

Climate Change Challenge (CCC)

Beyond You: Learn about the Environment (BY4)

Recycling badge (R)

We started the Yukon Area Climate Change Challenge two years ago. We did the bottom one at tent camping two years ago, and the bear with the magnifying glass last year when the second-year Brownies came to visit (so they went home with a piece of crest!) The second-year Brownies were supposed to visit again so we planned to do the singing bear (Create) piece. Unfortunately, the Brownies didn't come, though we're not sure what happened. There seemed to have been some miscommunication.

6:30-6:45: Patrol Time--We just had the girls do attendance and present badges.

6:45-6:55: Horseshoe--we explained what we would be doing that night.

6:55-7:30: For the Performance module of the Create Section, we decided to play a twist on Charades. The game didn't actually work as I'd intended, as our girls are very shy and don't like to perform alone but I'll explain what was supposed to happen. (We only completed Round One of the game.)

I researched ways that we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions (and explained to the girls what greenhouse gases are). (Climate Change charades (Word Doc))

Round One: Take a slip of paper and describe what the action is. You need your team to say the action without you using the words that are on the slip of paper.
Round Two: Using the same slips of paper, this time you can only say THREE words to describe the action. The girls will have already heard each action, so they should have an idea of what the action could be.
Round Three: Using the same slips of paper, this time you can only act out the action, without talking.

This game is a take-off of a party game called Celebrity, which is a ton of fun. This version seemed to be a little hard for the girls, but I think more outgoing girls might have done better with it, and I also think it's good for these girls to be pushed outside their comfort zone some times. (BY4#6, R#4)

7:30-8:15: For the Craft Module, we made reusable bags out of t-shirts. (R#8)

We asked the girls to bring old t-shirts that either didn't fit them anymore and they didn't mind cutting up.
1. Using a plate as a guideline to make the hole uniform, trace the plate on the neckline of the shirt, making sure to leave space/material between the plate edge and the sleeve seam. (This material will be your handles).
2. Cut along your traced line, and then cut off the sleeves along the seam. Voila! Handles!
3. Cut the hem off the bottom of the t-shirt.
4. Cut 2.5" slits about 0.5" apart along the bottom of the shirt. Also cut a 2.5" slit up the seam of the shirt on each side.
5. Tie the top and bottom fringe together all along the bottom, so that the bottom is enclosed.

There you have it! Your t-shirt can now be used to carry things (though pencils could fall through the spaces in the bottom.) The girls loved their t-shirt bags!

8:15-8:25: We had a quick snack of cookies and juice, because we were expecting to have the Brownies there as guests!

8:25-8:30: Closing--we sang Jamaican Taps to end the night.

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