Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hike #7: Blue Mountain Hike

Our Hiking Challenge is coming along nicely. The other Guide unit in our District planned a hike and invited us along. It's right in my neighbourhood, but I'd never been on this trail before, so it was nice to go with someone who knew where she was going.

We started with a talk about Earth Day, as this hike was the day before. We talked about Leave No Trace--we mention it on most hikes, and one of these days, it will stick!

Then we split them into buddies, gave them some paper, and told them to look for five interesting things on their hike.(BY2#1)

We hiked up the hill, over rocks and logs and streams. Then we broke through the trees and were at the top of the "mountain" and it was amazing! It's the highest point in HRM and we could see all around the city.

We let the girls spread out over the rocks and have their snacks and write/draw their interesting things. Then we all got into a circle and the girls shared their interesting things. They liked the clouds and climbing over the rocks; one girl knew about "root beer leaves", which I had never heard of. We found some along the rocks and when you split them in two, they smell just like root beer! They look like bay leaves to me, but they are certainly not bay leaves. We saw May flowers and one girl thought she saw a beaver dam.

The trail had a few twists and turns, so we used the opportunity to show the girls why we learn the trail signs. We made and arrow out of stones on the way up, to show us which way to turn on the way down, and we made a "Don't go this way" sign out of sticks on the way down.

I can't believe how awesome this trail is and how close it is to my house and that I'd never been on it before. I will definitely be doing this one again!

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