Sunday, May 13, 2012

Meeting #28: Hike #8

Hiking badge (H)
6:30-8:30: Hiking!

This is the third year we've done this meeting, which is basically, go for a hike at Hemlock Ravine!

We printed off maps for the girls and showed them where we were starting and where we were going. When we walked one kilometer, we had them mark it on their maps.

From that point, we hiked into the ravine, where we let the girls spread out and play and eat their snacks. They also had to draw five things from nature to put into their nature journals that we made at last week's meeting. (HDAC Activity).

Then on the way back, we stopped at our one kilometer mark. We were going back a different way around the loop, so we asked the girls to guess/estimate if the distance was farther or shorter, and if it would take us longer or shorter to get back to the beginning. (H#8)

The distance was longer, but the time was shorter--we had to take into account the terrain--going in was all uphill and coming out was all downhill!

This is always an enjoyable, relaxing night out with the girls.

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