Thursday, February 16, 2012

Extra: Thinking Day Party

Besides being a Unit Guider, I'm also the Deputy DC for our District, so I helped plan our District Thinking Day party. (And I forgot my camera, so we don't have any pictures of the event!)

We rented ice time at a rink and the girl and their families came and skated for an hour. We had a great turnout--almost 100 girls and their families came for the skate.

After the skate, we went upstairs to the community room and had a pizza party (members only)! We had pizza and juice boxes for everyone.

Each unit was instructed to make hat crafts/SWAPS to bring and trade. Each girl had three and everyone walked around and interacted. There were some really great crafts.

Then we made large cheques for each unit to present how much money they had raised for CWFF, totaling approximately $300.

Finally, we all sang "Happy Birthday" to Lord and Lady Baden-Powell and ended the party with cupcakes for everyone. (We had each unit bring cupcakes for themselves.)

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