Friday, February 3, 2012

Meeting #16: Skating

Discovering You: Stay Fit and Healthy (DY3)

Last year, Halifax hosted the Canada Winter Games, and as part of the facilities, they installed a temporary outdoor skating oval on the Halifax Commons. When it wasn't being used for the Canada Games, it was opened up for free to the public. They had a trailer where they offered free skate rentals. The Oval was busy and the line for skate rentals could be over an hour.

The public rallied to have the facility installed permanently, and after some negotiations, it was arranged, and now Halifax has free outdoor skating in the winter!

We went as a unit last year, and it's such a great outing--it's free, it's fun for girls, it exposes them to activities available in the city, it's great exercise. We live in a suburb about 30 minutes from downtown, so we're not right next door.

We went again this year, and again, the girls had a great time. What I love most is watching the girls who are good skaters going slow and helping the girls who aren't as strong skaters, because 1) the weaker skaters are getting out there, unafraid and unembarrassed at their lack of skill and 2) the stronger skaters are showing leadership and empathy in helping their friends.

For girls who haven't earned it yet, this counts as DY3#6. It also counts as #8 for the Outdoors in the City badge.

The happy skaters! I forgot my good camera so we'll have to make do with the cell phone picture.

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