Sunday, February 5, 2012

Halloween Ideas

Halloween ideas? In February? Out of season, I know, but I've received a pile of information from a fellow Guider, and I'm going to try to get it all added, once I can get it categorized.


Beyond You: Explore the Outdoors and Nature
This is such a great idea--I can't wait to try it out! You send the girls out trick or treating and they need to use compasses and directions to figure out how to get the houses. If the girls wouldn't be self-conscious, you could do this any time of year, but as a Halloween party would be safest. (BY3#3)
Halloween Adventure (Word doc)


This is another Halloween scavenger type adventure, where the girls have a booklet of activities to complete and go out into the neighbourhood to specific addresses to trick-or-treat.
Operation Black Cat Prep Info (Word doc)
Operation Black Cat booklet (PDF)
Fun Fall Word Search (PDF)

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