Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Meeting #17: Thinking Day Activities

You in Guiding: Learn About WAGGGS (YiG3)

Do you ever have one of those meetings, where nothing goes as planned and everything takes way longer than you anticipate? Yeah, we had one of those meetings. The girls had fun though, so I guess that's what counts!

6:30-6:50: Patrol time. We planned to play charades later in the meeting, so we asked the girls to come up with ways they can reduce their greenhouse gas emissions (save energy).

6:50-7:10: Horseshoe. They were very unenthusiastic in their singing, so I made them redo it! And then their circle collapsed as they went along, so I made them redo it a third time! We'll see next week, if they remember to do it right the first time. We talked about what we had planned for the night and about the upcoming Thinking Day skating party, and then we updated their books with what they'd completed recently.

7:10-7:45: Hat crafts: For our District Thinking Day party, each girl is bringing 3 hat crafts to SWAP with other girls in the District. We decided on these butterfly SWAPS. We had them paint the puzzle pieces, which took a little longer than we expected. Since the theme is "we can save our planet", we thought using puzzle pieces for our SWAPS would fit the theme.

One of our leaders also has a small photo printer, so she took a unit photo and printed them out so they could be attached to the SWAPS.

7:45-8:00:  We did the CWFF activity from the World Guiding Goes Tartan challenge (p14). It was interesting to hear what their thoughts were on who to give the money to. I would say that one they most often wanted to fund was the HIV/AIDS clinic in Honduras. I touched briefly on what AIDS was (a disease that can be transferred through bodily fluids, like blood), without going in depth. (YiG3#3)

8:00-8:20: We finished up the butterflies, curling the antennae and gluing them on and adding pins and tags.

The butterflies took much longer to make than we anticipated--especially the painting. We had Thinking Day pennies that needed to be rolled, as the girls returned their CWFF banks from a month ago. The rolling would only take 5 or 10 minutes--we just didn't have time! We also wanted to play charades, as the craft and charades would complete a section of the Climate Change Challenge, which we started a few years ago.

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